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Magic Maze

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Four adventurers, a wizard, a barbarian, an elf, and a dwarf, try to raid the local Magic Maze supermarket to get equipment for their next adventure. The gameplay is real-time. Whenever you want, you can have one of the adventurers perform the actions depicted on your action tile: move north, discover a new area, control an escalator, and so on. The actions of the players are not equal, which requires good cooperation. To increase the challenge, the players are not allowed to communicate with each other for most of the game. Intense staring is allowed, and with the ‘do something’ pawn, you can try to stimulate someone. Initially, you have three minutes to get all adventurers out of the Magic Maze with an item.

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Magic Maze is a cooperative game where everyone plays equally.

In the game Magic Maze, four heroes (a mage, a warrior, an elf, and a dwarf) decide to raid the mall to get equipment for the next adventure. Each player can move the four heroes, but communication is not allowed. Each player has their actions that other players cannot access. The only thing you can do to persuade a player to take a certain action is to place the red “do something” pawn in front of him.
Sometimes there is a short moment in the game where only talking is allowed and no more playing.

The Magic Maze game aims to have the four heroes commit their heist simultaneously and then take them to the exit within the allotted time. You can earn extra time on hourglass fields. The rulebook contains 17 scenarios.

Good cooperation between players is required to win the Magic Maze game. You can play the game with 8.

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