Team3 update

Re-print of Team3

Team3 is a serious game after our hearts to play with your team(s). It is also a super fun party game to play with your friends or family.

It includes in a playful way why agreements, communication, and cooperation are important. With this game, you will discover this by failing a number of times before getting better at it.

At the moment you may find the game difficult. Little by little, the stocks are running out in the shops. This is normal because the publisher no longer has one either.

The publisher did tell me that a 2nd re-print is planned during the summer (2023) and that we can order this game again from our distributor in the fall (2023).

We still have a few pieces available (only the pink version). Nevertheless, we have purchased a small stock in Germany, which we expect during the month of May. These only have a German manual, but don’t panic, because we will provide the Dutch / English manual ourselves.

Order here: Team3