Soon available in our shop.

Soon we will have some new games available in our shop. Keep an eye on our facebook page for the release info.

An overview of the upcoming games:

Splito: This is a fun and fast card game for 3 to 8 players. Based on the concept principle, on each turn, place a card between you and your neighbor on the left or right! Help each other achieve the objectives, but be smart, keep the balance between both sides, and emerge as the winner.

Exploding Kittens – Recipes for Disaster: Recipes for Disaster is the ultimate Exploding Kittens release! Decide which version of Exploding Kittens you play with the 13 ‘game recipes’: each recipe offers a different game with different cards.

Rainbow 7: is an addictive throwing game. You start with 7 cards in your hand. On your turn, you discard a card or a combination (3 or more identical cards or three consecutive cards of the same suit). Then draw from the three visible discard piles or the draw pile. At the start of your turn, you announce a rainbow if you have 7 points or less in hand. If no player has fewer points than you, all other players take 2 rain tokens. If not, you must take 3 rain tokens. The game ends when a player has seven or more rain tokens. The winner is the one with the fewest chips!

Mow (New edition): A new edition of this card game is expected next year. The cards and box will be provided with new illustrations. This is a short game that can be played by 2 to 10 people in 15 minutes. An addictive card game ideal for (family/friends) parties.

Old version (2008)

Tatsu: this is a 2 to 4-player card game where you capture ghosts to earn points by playing cards from your hand while sometimes choosing when your opponent plays for you.

Choose carefully when to play your most vital cards and when to try your luck with fusion cards to collect even more cards from your opponent. However, you and your opponent have the same decks, and they can fight back just as hard as you, so always think two steps ahead to claim the most cards and (most importantly) your opponent’s multiplier spirits. Spirits are divided into two distinct clans: red/black and yellow/white, and you can play Tatsu in teams or one-on-one.

The game ends when a player reaches 500 points, after which the player/team with the most points wins.

Left Right Dilemma: This is a cooperative party game for adults, where you will discover your friends’ unspoken (and sometimes unacknowledged) preferences.

Happy Little Dinosaurs: In this game, you are a dino in a world full of dangers. Deadly squirrels, dangerous terrain, and bad haircuts, not to mention the danger of extinction. Can you save your dino and be the first to reach 50 points?

All these games will soon be available in our shop. If you would like to play a demo of these games, keep an eye on our facebook page. Soon there will be a demo in the afternoon/evening on the program!