Soon available in our shop.

Soon available in our shop.

Our range of games will be expanded from next week (week of 27/09/21). Below is an overview of the expected games.

micromacro full house

Micro Macro Full House

Welcome to Crime City: the city where crimes are committed on every street corner. Deadly secrets, sneak robberies, and cold-blooded murders are part of everyday life. Full House is the second installment in the MicroMacro: Crime City series. It is a standalone game and some of the stories from part 1 are continued in this part.

The 16 crimes in this game can be played without having played part 1.

Second Chance

Which puzzle piece fits better? Draw a puzzle piece in your grid each round and try to have the fewest empty spaces at the end of the game. If none of the puzzle pieces fit, there is still hope! Your Second Chance can save you so you don’t drop out early.


Santa Fe

The sheriff leaves the old saloon and the doors slam shut behind him. On an almost empty street, three bandits face each other, with their guns pointed at each other. The villagers have gone into hiding and are looking at the situation from a safe place. Which bandit pulls the trigger first and wins the duel?

In Santa Fe you try to collect as many points as possible in the wild west. Challenge each other to a duel and involve the bandits or even the sheriff. Santa Fe is a trick game for 3-5 players.

Santa Domingo

Santo Domingo, the oldest city built by Europeans in the New World, was one of the most important trading posts in the Caribbean in the 16th century. In Santo Domingo, valuable goods are exchanged and sold. Only those who have the right people and ships at their disposal at the right time can survive in this risky but profitable trade. Grab your chance for success!


Unmatched: Battle of Legends (Part 1)

In Unmatched, you fight as a legendary hero and go head-to-head with each other. The legendary heroes come from movies, from books, or from ancient legends. You can combine fighters from different Unmatched games. Each hero has a set of action cards with unique abilities associated with that hero’s fighting style. But remember, there can only be one winner at the end of the game!